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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Part 3 "Arbeit macht Frei" BvB makes you cry

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The expression comes from the title of a novel by German philologist Lorenz DiefenbachArbeit macht frei: Erzählung von Lorenz Diefenbach (1873), in which gamblers and fraudsters find the path to virtue through labour.[2] The phrase was also used in French ("le travail rend libre!") by Auguste Forel, a Swiss entomologist, neuroanatomist and psychiatrist, in his "Fourmis de la Suisse" ["Ants of Switzerland"] (1920).[3] In 1922, the Deutsche Schulverein of Vienna, an ethnic nationalist "protective" organization of Germans within the Austrian empire, printed membership stamps with the phrase Arbeit macht frei.

I said in this 21st Century Jobs couldnot set you free what do you do when the base school is  abused by untalented advisers of the Education system in Germany. 

who Makes me cry

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